We strongly believe that school uniform gives our pupils a sense of identity and of belonging to the academy. It helps to ensure that no student feels disadvantaged in terms of appearance, removes the need to keep up with constantly changing and expensive fashion trends, and instils a sense of pride.

As of September 2016 our uniform will be as shown below. Please note branded items will need to be bought via the school, all other items are available to be purchased from any high street store of parents’ choice.


EYFS to Year 2

  • Navy jumper, badge embroidered onto fabric (available from school office only)
  • Polo shirt – plain white (EYFS only)
  • Plain white shirt short or long sleeved (Year 1 and Year 2)
  • Academy tie – (not in EYFS) (available from school office only)
  • Black trousers/black skirt or pinafore
  • Black sensible shoes (not trainers/sandals/boots)
  • Badged book bag (available from school office only)
  • Black socks or tights (white may be worn with summer dresses)

Years 3 to Year 6

  • Grey badged jacket with trim (available from school office only)
  • Plain white shirt, short or long sleeved
  • Academy tie (available from school office only)
  • Badged book bag (available school office only)
  • Black skirt (may be worn with leggings if required for religious reasons) or black tailored trousers
  • Black socks or tights (white may be worn with summer dresses)
  • Black sensible shoes (not trainers /sandals/ boots)

Primary Sportswear

  • Sports t-shirt – house colours and badged (available from school office only)
  • Badged house colour PE bag (available from school office only)
  • Black sports shorts or plain black jogging bottoms (with no logos)
  • Black plimsolls or trainers

Optional Items

  • Navy outdoor sports fleece, badged (available from school office only)
  • Light blue/white gingham summer dress to be worn in the summer term
  • Navy v neck cardigan (only to be worn with summer dress)
  • Black short trousers may be worn by boys in summer term only
  • Hijab – only plain black pull-on hijabs may be worn at primary level (for religious reasons only)
  • Badged summer cap (available from school office only)
  • Water bottle (available from school office only)

The new uniform blazer and tie will be supplied by a company called SWI and you will be able to order these items through school; this is the supplier for Adventure Learning Academy Trust schools and has been chosen through a rigorous procurement process to ensure value for money and quality. All branded items you will be able to either order or purchase directly via the school and non-branded items can be purchased elsewhere.

You can buy uniform from our online shop – click here to view.

You will be able to buy/order uniform directly through the school office.

For full details on the school uniform, please ask our reception for a copy of our school uniform policy.