Advantage Project

Education and the Digital Revolution

The Digital Revolution (sometimes referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution) has changed the way that we live, communicate and work forever.

The Advantage Project is based on a belief that educational provision in the 21st Century must recognise, utilise and prepare our young people for the digital present and an unpredictable digital future. The Covid pandemic and the need to provide remote teaching and learning for pupils highlighted significant disparities and shortcomings in the educational sector’s ability to work digitally. The way that schools work must take advantage of the benefits that the digital world offers in terms of teaching and learning, and has to reflect the world that children inhabit beyond the school gates

Why do our children need an Advantage?

Alongside the global drivers for schools to adopt digital technologies, there are local factors which make this transition important to our school and Trust. Our young people are fortunate to live and learn in one of the most beautiful counties in the UK. However, the socio[1]economic reality for many of our families is one characterised by significant economic hardship and disadvantage.

We have recognised that across our Trust there are communities where low levels of aspiration, poor employment opportunities, comparatively low levels of investment and educational funding as well as geographical and cultural remoteness all impact upon the life choices our young people are able to make. The concept of Digital Poverty is increasingly recognised as both a consequence of, and a contributing factor to, the broader social and economic disadvantages which impact upon our communities.

The Advantage project is therefore not about providing technology as a luxury but as part of the levelling up strategy.