Our Vision and Values

At Tywardreath School our vision is to create a safe and stimulating environment where all children feel they belong and are able to challenge themselves, take risks and flourish both academically, emotionally and socially. To develop our children so that they value and respect their own and others individuality, culture and heritage. We are committed to providing a place of excellence with high standards.

To achieve our vision

All our children should:

  • Enjoy their primary school years and develop high self-esteem regardless of ‘academic’ ability
  • Feel safe and secure and have a passion for learning and experience success.
  • Develop perseverance, flexibility, independence in a wide range of  learning skills.
  • Be well mannered, respecting themselves, others and the environment.
  • Make a positive contribution to the school and the wider community.
  • Enjoy equal opportunities to succeed
  • Develop lively, inquiring minds and become confident communicators.
  • Experience teaching of the highest quality and develop core skills to a high level.
  • Appreciate the beauty, the diversity of the world and their duty to protect it.

Our Values

 Everyday school life is built around our set of values.

We believe that to be a happy, healthy and active citizen it is imperative that as people of the world, children receive a strong moral compass, which will help them make positive decisions.

 These values are the building blocks that run through everything that we do. They define us as a school and the hopes and dreams we hold for our children.


  • Respecting others and ourselves. We encourage the children
    to follow the school rules , be polite and respect other people’s opinions by
    listening and giving them a chance to express themselves.


  • We develop children’s emotional growth by
    developing empathy, sensitivity, generosity, kindness and hope.


  •  We develop children’s ability to embrace mistakes
  • and to bounce back from stressful experiences and challenges. We expect our
    children to develop the skills and confidence to confront problems and to take
    healthy risks.


  • We aim to broaden our children’s horizons by
    providing a range of inspiring opportunities. We want the children to become
    good communicators and be able to make positive decisions for themselves. We
    want to grow leaders of the future who have high expectations for themselves and
    be the best they can be.


  • We are dedicated to encouraging our children’s
    natural abilities, we want to ‘wonder aloud’ with them and to enable them to
    ask questions about their world. We will create interesting environments and
    irresistible experiences that will fill them with a desire to find out and know


  • Our wish is for all our children to be active members of our community and that of the communities that surround the school. We provide good role models for the children and exciting environments. We want our children to feel safe and happy, know that they have a voice and understand how they can make a difference.