Our Pool

We are very fortunate and proud to have a swimming pool on site.

All children swim every week throughout the year. Our Teachers are qualified and have annual training updates. We follow the STA School swimming academy water safety and skills for life programme.

In order to meet National Curriculum guidelines and create a well-rounded swimmer, water skills, water safety and stroke expectations are included in every lesson plan for each ability group. Water skills included are: floating, treading water, push and glides, submerging face, and jumping. Water safety awareness skills have also been included in every lesson and a specific water safety lesson has been developed for all pupils to take part in together, which covers the dangers of playing around water, basic rescue techniques and personal survival skills, which is stated as part of the National Curriculum for pupils in Key Stage 2.

Our main aim is that every child will be safe and confident in the water and demonstrate to a high standard at least 2 recognised strokes with the ability to swim 25m unassisted.

Let’s dive in and take a look!